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How Many Liter Are in a Cubic foot?

Multiply the volume by 28.3168

1 Cubic foot28.3168 Liter

Cubic foot

Common Abbreviations: cu ft, ft3, ft^3

A cubic foot is a unit of volume. It is the size of a cube that is 1 foot on a side. It is about 7.5 gallons or about 28.3 liters.


Abbreviation: L

A liter, or litre, is a unit of volume in the metric system. A liter is defined as the volume of a cube that is 10 centimeters on a side. There are about 3.785 liters in a U.S. gallon.

Cubic foot to Liter Conversion Table

Cubic footLiter
1 Cubic foot28.3168 Liter
2 Cubic foot56.6336 Liter
3 Cubic foot84.9504 Liter
4 Cubic foot113.2672 Liter
5 Cubic foot141.584 Liter
6 Cubic foot169.9008 Liter
7 Cubic foot198.2176 Liter
8 Cubic foot226.5344 Liter
9 Cubic foot254.8512 Liter
10 Cubic foot283.168 Liter
11 Cubic foot311.4848 Liter
12 Cubic foot339.8016 Liter
13 Cubic foot368.1184 Liter
14 Cubic foot396.4352 Liter
15 Cubic foot424.752 Liter
16 Cubic foot453.0688 Liter
17 Cubic foot481.3856 Liter
18 Cubic foot509.7024 Liter
19 Cubic foot538.0192 Liter
20 Cubic foot566.336 Liter
21 Cubic foot594.6528 Liter
22 Cubic foot622.9696 Liter
23 Cubic foot651.2864 Liter
24 Cubic foot679.6032 Liter
25 Cubic foot707.92 Liter
26 Cubic foot736.2368 Liter
27 Cubic foot764.5536 Liter
28 Cubic foot792.8704 Liter
29 Cubic foot821.1872 Liter
30 Cubic foot849.504 Liter
31 Cubic foot877.8208 Liter
32 Cubic foot906.1376 Liter
33 Cubic foot934.4544 Liter
34 Cubic foot962.7712 Liter
35 Cubic foot991.088 Liter
36 Cubic foot1019.4048 Liter
37 Cubic foot1047.7216 Liter
38 Cubic foot1076.0384 Liter
39 Cubic foot1104.3552 Liter
40 Cubic foot1132.672 Liter
41 Cubic foot1160.9888 Liter
42 Cubic foot1189.3056 Liter
43 Cubic foot1217.6224 Liter
44 Cubic foot1245.9392 Liter
45 Cubic foot1274.256 Liter
46 Cubic foot1302.5728 Liter
47 Cubic foot1330.8896 Liter
48 Cubic foot1359.2064 Liter
49 Cubic foot1387.5232 Liter
50 Cubic foot1415.84 Liter