Convert US teaspoon to Milliliter

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How Many Milliliter Are in a US teaspoon?

Multiply the volume by 4.9289

1 US teaspoon4.9289 Milliliter

US teaspoon

Abbreviation: tsp

A U.S. teaspoon is a unit of volume equal to 1/3rd of a tablespoon or 1/48th of a U.S. cup.


Abbreviation: mL

A milliliter is a unit of volume equal to 1/1000th of a liter. It is the same as a cubic centimeter.

US teaspoon to Milliliter Conversion Table

US teaspoonMilliliter
1 US teaspoon4.9289 Milliliter
2 US teaspoon9.8578 Milliliter
3 US teaspoon14.7868 Milliliter
4 US teaspoon19.7157 Milliliter
5 US teaspoon24.6446 Milliliter
6 US teaspoon29.5735 Milliliter
7 US teaspoon34.5024 Milliliter
8 US teaspoon39.4314 Milliliter
9 US teaspoon44.3603 Milliliter
10 US teaspoon49.2892 Milliliter
11 US teaspoon54.2181 Milliliter
12 US teaspoon59.147 Milliliter
13 US teaspoon64.076 Milliliter
14 US teaspoon69.0049 Milliliter
15 US teaspoon73.9338 Milliliter
16 US teaspoon78.8627 Milliliter
17 US teaspoon83.7916 Milliliter
18 US teaspoon88.7206 Milliliter
19 US teaspoon93.6495 Milliliter
20 US teaspoon98.5784 Milliliter
21 US teaspoon103.5073 Milliliter
22 US teaspoon108.4362 Milliliter
23 US teaspoon113.3652 Milliliter
24 US teaspoon118.2941 Milliliter
25 US teaspoon123.223 Milliliter
26 US teaspoon128.1519 Milliliter
27 US teaspoon133.0808 Milliliter
28 US teaspoon138.0098 Milliliter
29 US teaspoon142.9387 Milliliter
30 US teaspoon147.8676 Milliliter
31 US teaspoon152.7965 Milliliter
32 US teaspoon157.7254 Milliliter
33 US teaspoon162.6544 Milliliter
34 US teaspoon167.5833 Milliliter
35 US teaspoon172.5122 Milliliter
36 US teaspoon177.4411 Milliliter
37 US teaspoon182.37 Milliliter
38 US teaspoon187.299 Milliliter
39 US teaspoon192.2279 Milliliter
40 US teaspoon197.1568 Milliliter
41 US teaspoon202.0857 Milliliter
42 US teaspoon207.0146 Milliliter
43 US teaspoon211.9436 Milliliter
44 US teaspoon216.8725 Milliliter
45 US teaspoon221.8014 Milliliter
46 US teaspoon226.7303 Milliliter
47 US teaspoon231.6592 Milliliter
48 US teaspoon236.5882 Milliliter
49 US teaspoon241.5171 Milliliter
50 US teaspoon246.446 Milliliter