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How Many Liter Are in a Cubic inch?

Multiply the volume by 0.0164

1 Cubic inch0.0164 Liter

Cubic inch

Common Abbreviations: cu in, in3, in^3

A cubic inch is a unit of volume. It is the size of a cube that is 1 inch on a side. It is approximately 1.1 tablespoons, or about 16.4 cubic centimeters.


Abbreviation: L

A liter, or litre, is a unit of volume in the metric system. A liter is defined as the volume of a cube that is 10 centimeters on a side. There are about 3.785 liters in a U.S. gallon.

Cubic inch to Liter Conversion Table

Cubic inchLiter
1 Cubic inch0.0164 Liter
2 Cubic inch0.0328 Liter
3 Cubic inch0.0492 Liter
4 Cubic inch0.0655 Liter
5 Cubic inch0.0819 Liter
6 Cubic inch0.0983 Liter
7 Cubic inch0.1147 Liter
8 Cubic inch0.1311 Liter
9 Cubic inch0.1475 Liter
10 Cubic inch0.1639 Liter
11 Cubic inch0.1803 Liter
12 Cubic inch0.1966 Liter
13 Cubic inch0.213 Liter
14 Cubic inch0.2294 Liter
15 Cubic inch0.2458 Liter
16 Cubic inch0.2622 Liter
17 Cubic inch0.2786 Liter
18 Cubic inch0.295 Liter
19 Cubic inch0.3114 Liter
20 Cubic inch0.3277 Liter
21 Cubic inch0.3441 Liter
22 Cubic inch0.3605 Liter
23 Cubic inch0.3769 Liter
24 Cubic inch0.3933 Liter
25 Cubic inch0.4097 Liter
26 Cubic inch0.4261 Liter
27 Cubic inch0.4425 Liter
28 Cubic inch0.4588 Liter
29 Cubic inch0.4752 Liter
30 Cubic inch0.4916 Liter
31 Cubic inch0.508 Liter
32 Cubic inch0.5244 Liter
33 Cubic inch0.5408 Liter
34 Cubic inch0.5572 Liter
35 Cubic inch0.5735 Liter
36 Cubic inch0.5899 Liter
37 Cubic inch0.6063 Liter
38 Cubic inch0.6227 Liter
39 Cubic inch0.6391 Liter
40 Cubic inch0.6555 Liter
41 Cubic inch0.6719 Liter
42 Cubic inch0.6883 Liter
43 Cubic inch0.7046 Liter
44 Cubic inch0.721 Liter
45 Cubic inch0.7374 Liter
46 Cubic inch0.7538 Liter
47 Cubic inch0.7702 Liter
48 Cubic inch0.7866 Liter
49 Cubic inch0.803 Liter
50 Cubic inch0.8194 Liter