Convert Cubic inch to Milliliter

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How Many Milliliter Are in a Cubic inch?

Multiply the volume by 16.3871

1 Cubic inch16.3871 Milliliter

Cubic inch

Common Abbreviations: cu in, in3, in^3

A cubic inch is a unit of volume. It is the size of a cube that is 1 inch on a side. It is approximately 1.1 tablespoons, or about 16.4 cubic centimeters.


Abbreviation: mL

A milliliter is a unit of volume equal to 1/1000th of a liter. It is the same as a cubic centimeter.

Cubic inch to Milliliter Conversion Table

Cubic inchMilliliter
1 Cubic inch16.3871 Milliliter
2 Cubic inch32.7742 Milliliter
3 Cubic inch49.1613 Milliliter
4 Cubic inch65.5484 Milliliter
5 Cubic inch81.9355 Milliliter
6 Cubic inch98.3226 Milliliter
7 Cubic inch114.7097 Milliliter
8 Cubic inch131.0968 Milliliter
9 Cubic inch147.4839 Milliliter
10 Cubic inch163.871 Milliliter
11 Cubic inch180.2581 Milliliter
12 Cubic inch196.6452 Milliliter
13 Cubic inch213.0323 Milliliter
14 Cubic inch229.4194 Milliliter
15 Cubic inch245.8065 Milliliter
16 Cubic inch262.1936 Milliliter
17 Cubic inch278.5807 Milliliter
18 Cubic inch294.9678 Milliliter
19 Cubic inch311.3549 Milliliter
20 Cubic inch327.742 Milliliter
21 Cubic inch344.1291 Milliliter
22 Cubic inch360.5162 Milliliter
23 Cubic inch376.9033 Milliliter
24 Cubic inch393.2904 Milliliter
25 Cubic inch409.6775 Milliliter
26 Cubic inch426.0646 Milliliter
27 Cubic inch442.4517 Milliliter
28 Cubic inch458.8388 Milliliter
29 Cubic inch475.2259 Milliliter
30 Cubic inch491.613 Milliliter
31 Cubic inch508 Milliliter
32 Cubic inch524.3872 Milliliter
33 Cubic inch540.7743 Milliliter
34 Cubic inch557.1614 Milliliter
35 Cubic inch573.5485 Milliliter
36 Cubic inch589.9356 Milliliter
37 Cubic inch606.3227 Milliliter
38 Cubic inch622.7098 Milliliter
39 Cubic inch639.0969 Milliliter
40 Cubic inch655.484 Milliliter
41 Cubic inch671.8711 Milliliter
42 Cubic inch688.2582 Milliliter
43 Cubic inch704.6453 Milliliter
44 Cubic inch721.0324 Milliliter
45 Cubic inch737.4195 Milliliter
46 Cubic inch753.8066 Milliliter
47 Cubic inch770.1937 Milliliter
48 Cubic inch786.5808 Milliliter
49 Cubic inch802.9679 Milliliter
50 Cubic inch819.355 Milliliter