Convert Imperial cup to Milliliter

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Result in Milliliter

How Many Milliliter Are in a Imperial cup?

Multiply the volume by 284.131

1 Imperial cup284.131 Milliliter

Imperial cup

Abbreviation: imp cup

An Imperial cup is a unit of volume equal to 1/16th of an Imperial gallon, or about 284 milliliters.


Abbreviation: mL

A milliliter is a unit of volume equal to 1/1000th of a liter. It is the same as a cubic centimeter.

Imperial cup to Milliliter Conversion Table

Imperial cupMilliliter
1 Imperial cup284.131 Milliliter
2 Imperial cup568.262 Milliliter
3 Imperial cup852.393 Milliliter
4 Imperial cup1136.524 Milliliter
5 Imperial cup1420.655 Milliliter
6 Imperial cup1704.786 Milliliter
7 Imperial cup1988.917 Milliliter
8 Imperial cup2273.048 Milliliter
9 Imperial cup2557.179 Milliliter
10 Imperial cup2841.31 Milliliter
11 Imperial cup3125.441 Milliliter
12 Imperial cup3409.572 Milliliter
13 Imperial cup3693.703 Milliliter
14 Imperial cup3977.834 Milliliter
15 Imperial cup4261.965 Milliliter
16 Imperial cup4546.096 Milliliter
17 Imperial cup4830.227 Milliliter
18 Imperial cup5114.358 Milliliter
19 Imperial cup5398.489 Milliliter
20 Imperial cup5682.62 Milliliter
21 Imperial cup5966.751 Milliliter
22 Imperial cup6250.882 Milliliter
23 Imperial cup6535.013 Milliliter
24 Imperial cup6819.144 Milliliter
25 Imperial cup7103.275 Milliliter
26 Imperial cup7387.406 Milliliter
27 Imperial cup7671.537 Milliliter
28 Imperial cup7955.668 Milliliter
29 Imperial cup8239.799 Milliliter
30 Imperial cup8523.93 Milliliter
31 Imperial cup8808.061 Milliliter
32 Imperial cup9092.192 Milliliter
33 Imperial cup9376.323 Milliliter
34 Imperial cup9660.454 Milliliter
35 Imperial cup9944.585 Milliliter
36 Imperial cup10228.716 Milliliter
37 Imperial cup10512.847 Milliliter
38 Imperial cup10796.978 Milliliter
39 Imperial cup11081.109 Milliliter
40 Imperial cup11365.24 Milliliter
41 Imperial cup11649.371 Milliliter
42 Imperial cup11933.502 Milliliter
43 Imperial cup12217.633 Milliliter
44 Imperial cup12501.764 Milliliter
45 Imperial cup12785.895 Milliliter
46 Imperial cup13070.026 Milliliter
47 Imperial cup13354.157 Milliliter
48 Imperial cup13638.288 Milliliter
49 Imperial cup13922.419 Milliliter
50 Imperial cup14206.55 Milliliter