Convert Imperial quart to Liter

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Result in Liter

How Many Liter Are in a Imperial quart?

Multiply the volume by 1.1365

1 Imperial quart1.1365 Liter

Imperial quart

Abbreviation: imp qt

An Imperial quart is equal to 40 Imperial fluid ounces, 1/4th of an Imperial gallon, or 2 Imperial pints. It should not be confused with the U.S. quart, which is about 20% smaller.


Abbreviation: L

A liter, or litre, is a unit of volume in the metric system. A liter is defined as the volume of a cube that is 10 centimeters on a side. There are about 3.785 liters in a U.S. gallon.

Imperial quart to Liter Conversion Table

Imperial quartLiter
1 Imperial quart1.1365 Liter
2 Imperial quart2.273 Liter
3 Imperial quart3.4096 Liter
4 Imperial quart4.5461 Liter
5 Imperial quart5.6826 Liter
6 Imperial quart6.8191 Liter
7 Imperial quart7.9556 Liter
8 Imperial quart9.0922 Liter
9 Imperial quart10.2287 Liter
10 Imperial quart11.3652 Liter
11 Imperial quart12.5017 Liter
12 Imperial quart13.6382 Liter
13 Imperial quart14.7748 Liter
14 Imperial quart15.9113 Liter
15 Imperial quart17.0478 Liter
16 Imperial quart18.1843 Liter
17 Imperial quart19.3208 Liter
18 Imperial quart20.4574 Liter
19 Imperial quart21.5939 Liter
20 Imperial quart22.7304 Liter
21 Imperial quart23.8669 Liter
22 Imperial quart25.0034 Liter
23 Imperial quart26.14 Liter
24 Imperial quart27.2765 Liter
25 Imperial quart28.413 Liter
26 Imperial quart29.5495 Liter
27 Imperial quart30.686 Liter
28 Imperial quart31.8226 Liter
29 Imperial quart32.9591 Liter
30 Imperial quart34.0956 Liter
31 Imperial quart35.2321 Liter
32 Imperial quart36.3686 Liter
33 Imperial quart37.5052 Liter
34 Imperial quart38.6417 Liter
35 Imperial quart39.7782 Liter
36 Imperial quart40.9147 Liter
37 Imperial quart42.0512 Liter
38 Imperial quart43.1878 Liter
39 Imperial quart44.3243 Liter
40 Imperial quart45.4608 Liter
41 Imperial quart46.5973 Liter
42 Imperial quart47.7338 Liter
43 Imperial quart48.8704 Liter
44 Imperial quart50.0069 Liter
45 Imperial quart51.1434 Liter
46 Imperial quart52.2799 Liter
47 Imperial quart53.4164 Liter
48 Imperial quart54.553 Liter
49 Imperial quart55.6895 Liter
50 Imperial quart56.826 Liter