Convert Imperial quart to Milliliter

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Result in Milliliter

How Many Milliliter Are in a Imperial quart?

Multiply the volume by 1136.52

1 Imperial quart1136.52 Milliliter

Imperial quart

Abbreviation: imp qt

An Imperial quart is equal to 40 Imperial fluid ounces, 1/4th of an Imperial gallon, or 2 Imperial pints. It should not be confused with the U.S. quart, which is about 20% smaller.


Abbreviation: mL

A milliliter is a unit of volume equal to 1/1000th of a liter. It is the same as a cubic centimeter.

Imperial quart to Milliliter Conversion Table

Imperial quartMilliliter
1 Imperial quart1136.52 Milliliter
2 Imperial quart2273.04 Milliliter
3 Imperial quart3409.56 Milliliter
4 Imperial quart4546.08 Milliliter
5 Imperial quart5682.6 Milliliter
6 Imperial quart6819.12 Milliliter
7 Imperial quart7955.64 Milliliter
8 Imperial quart9092.16 Milliliter
9 Imperial quart10228.68 Milliliter
10 Imperial quart11365.2 Milliliter
11 Imperial quart12501.72 Milliliter
12 Imperial quart13638.24 Milliliter
13 Imperial quart14774.76 Milliliter
14 Imperial quart15911.28 Milliliter
15 Imperial quart17047.8 Milliliter
16 Imperial quart18184.32 Milliliter
17 Imperial quart19320.84 Milliliter
18 Imperial quart20457.36 Milliliter
19 Imperial quart21593.88 Milliliter
20 Imperial quart22730.4 Milliliter
21 Imperial quart23866.92 Milliliter
22 Imperial quart25003.44 Milliliter
23 Imperial quart26139.96 Milliliter
24 Imperial quart27276.48 Milliliter
25 Imperial quart28413 Milliliter
26 Imperial quart29549.52 Milliliter
27 Imperial quart30686.04 Milliliter
28 Imperial quart31822.56 Milliliter
29 Imperial quart32959.08 Milliliter
30 Imperial quart34095.6 Milliliter
31 Imperial quart35232.12 Milliliter
32 Imperial quart36368.64 Milliliter
33 Imperial quart37505.16 Milliliter
34 Imperial quart38641.68 Milliliter
35 Imperial quart39778.2 Milliliter
36 Imperial quart40914.72 Milliliter
37 Imperial quart42051.24 Milliliter
38 Imperial quart43187.76 Milliliter
39 Imperial quart44324.28 Milliliter
40 Imperial quart45460.8 Milliliter
41 Imperial quart46597.32 Milliliter
42 Imperial quart47733.84 Milliliter
43 Imperial quart48870.36 Milliliter
44 Imperial quart50006.88 Milliliter
45 Imperial quart51143.4 Milliliter
46 Imperial quart52279.92 Milliliter
47 Imperial quart53416.44 Milliliter
48 Imperial quart54552.96 Milliliter
49 Imperial quart55689.48 Milliliter
50 Imperial quart56826 Milliliter