Convert Imperial tablespoon to Milliliter

Easily convert volume from Imperial tablespoon to Milliliter in seconds

Result in Milliliter

How Many Milliliter Are in a Imperial tablespoon?

Multiply the volume by 17.7582

1 Imperial tablespoon17.7582 Milliliter

Imperial tablespoon

Abbreviation: imp tbsp

An Imperial tablespoon is a unit of volume equal to 1/16th of an Imperial cup. There are about 2.4 teaspoons in an Imperial tablespoon.


Abbreviation: mL

A milliliter is a unit of volume equal to 1/1000th of a liter. It is the same as a cubic centimeter.

Imperial tablespoon to Milliliter Conversion Table

Imperial tablespoonMilliliter
1 Imperial tablespoon17.7582 Milliliter
2 Imperial tablespoon35.5164 Milliliter
3 Imperial tablespoon53.2746 Milliliter
4 Imperial tablespoon71.0328 Milliliter
5 Imperial tablespoon88.791 Milliliter
6 Imperial tablespoon106.5492 Milliliter
7 Imperial tablespoon124.3074 Milliliter
8 Imperial tablespoon142.0656 Milliliter
9 Imperial tablespoon159.8238 Milliliter
10 Imperial tablespoon177.582 Milliliter
11 Imperial tablespoon195.3402 Milliliter
12 Imperial tablespoon213.0984 Milliliter
13 Imperial tablespoon230.8566 Milliliter
14 Imperial tablespoon248.6148 Milliliter
15 Imperial tablespoon266.373 Milliliter
16 Imperial tablespoon284.1312 Milliliter
17 Imperial tablespoon301.8894 Milliliter
18 Imperial tablespoon319.6476 Milliliter
19 Imperial tablespoon337.4058 Milliliter
20 Imperial tablespoon355.164 Milliliter
21 Imperial tablespoon372.9222 Milliliter
22 Imperial tablespoon390.6804 Milliliter
23 Imperial tablespoon408.4386 Milliliter
24 Imperial tablespoon426.1968 Milliliter
25 Imperial tablespoon443.955 Milliliter
26 Imperial tablespoon461.7132 Milliliter
27 Imperial tablespoon479.4714 Milliliter
28 Imperial tablespoon497.2296 Milliliter
29 Imperial tablespoon514.9878 Milliliter
30 Imperial tablespoon532.746 Milliliter
31 Imperial tablespoon550.5042 Milliliter
32 Imperial tablespoon568.2624 Milliliter
33 Imperial tablespoon586.0206 Milliliter
34 Imperial tablespoon603.7788 Milliliter
35 Imperial tablespoon621.537 Milliliter
36 Imperial tablespoon639.2952 Milliliter
37 Imperial tablespoon657.0534 Milliliter
38 Imperial tablespoon674.8116 Milliliter
39 Imperial tablespoon692.5698 Milliliter
40 Imperial tablespoon710.328 Milliliter
41 Imperial tablespoon728.0862 Milliliter
42 Imperial tablespoon745.8444 Milliliter
43 Imperial tablespoon763.6026 Milliliter
44 Imperial tablespoon781.3608 Milliliter
45 Imperial tablespoon799.119 Milliliter
46 Imperial tablespoon816.8772 Milliliter
47 Imperial tablespoon834.6354 Milliliter
48 Imperial tablespoon852.3936 Milliliter
49 Imperial tablespoon870.1518 Milliliter
50 Imperial tablespoon887.91 Milliliter