Convert Imperial teaspoon to Milliliter

Easily convert volume from Imperial teaspoon to Milliliter in seconds

Result in Milliliter

How Many Milliliter Are in a Imperial teaspoon?

Multiply the volume by 5.9194

1 Imperial teaspoon5.9194 Milliliter

Imperial teaspoon

Abbreviation: imp tsp

An Imperial teaspoon is a unit of volume equal to 1/3rd of an Imperial tablespoon or 1/48th of an Imperial cup.


Abbreviation: mL

A milliliter is a unit of volume equal to 1/1000th of a liter. It is the same as a cubic centimeter.

Imperial teaspoon to Milliliter Conversion Table

Imperial teaspoonMilliliter
1 Imperial teaspoon5.9194 Milliliter
2 Imperial teaspoon11.8388 Milliliter
3 Imperial teaspoon17.7582 Milliliter
4 Imperial teaspoon23.6776 Milliliter
5 Imperial teaspoon29.5969 Milliliter
6 Imperial teaspoon35.5163 Milliliter
7 Imperial teaspoon41.4357 Milliliter
8 Imperial teaspoon47.3551 Milliliter
9 Imperial teaspoon53.2745 Milliliter
10 Imperial teaspoon59.1939 Milliliter
11 Imperial teaspoon65.1133 Milliliter
12 Imperial teaspoon71.0327 Milliliter
13 Imperial teaspoon76.9521 Milliliter
14 Imperial teaspoon82.8715 Milliliter
15 Imperial teaspoon88.7909 Milliliter
16 Imperial teaspoon94.7102 Milliliter
17 Imperial teaspoon100.6296 Milliliter
18 Imperial teaspoon106.549 Milliliter
19 Imperial teaspoon112.4684 Milliliter
20 Imperial teaspoon118.3878 Milliliter
21 Imperial teaspoon124.3072 Milliliter
22 Imperial teaspoon130.2266 Milliliter
23 Imperial teaspoon136.146 Milliliter
24 Imperial teaspoon142.0654 Milliliter
25 Imperial teaspoon147.9847 Milliliter
26 Imperial teaspoon153.9041 Milliliter
27 Imperial teaspoon159.8235 Milliliter
28 Imperial teaspoon165.7429 Milliliter
29 Imperial teaspoon171.6623 Milliliter
30 Imperial teaspoon177.5817 Milliliter
31 Imperial teaspoon183.5011 Milliliter
32 Imperial teaspoon189.4205 Milliliter
33 Imperial teaspoon195.3399 Milliliter
34 Imperial teaspoon201.2593 Milliliter
35 Imperial teaspoon207.1786 Milliliter
36 Imperial teaspoon213.098 Milliliter
37 Imperial teaspoon219.0174 Milliliter
38 Imperial teaspoon224.9368 Milliliter
39 Imperial teaspoon230.8562 Milliliter
40 Imperial teaspoon236.7756 Milliliter
41 Imperial teaspoon242.695 Milliliter
42 Imperial teaspoon248.6144 Milliliter
43 Imperial teaspoon254.5338 Milliliter
44 Imperial teaspoon260.4532 Milliliter
45 Imperial teaspoon266.3725 Milliliter
46 Imperial teaspoon272.2919 Milliliter
47 Imperial teaspoon278.2113 Milliliter
48 Imperial teaspoon284.1307 Milliliter
49 Imperial teaspoon290.0501 Milliliter
50 Imperial teaspoon295.9695 Milliliter