Convert US fluid ounce to Milliliter

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How Many Milliliter Are in a US fluid ounce?

Multiply the volume by 29.5735

1 US fluid ounce29.5735 Milliliter

US fluid ounce

Common Abbreviations: fl oz, oz fl

A U.S. fluid ounce is 1/128th of a U.S. gallon. It is not the same as an ounce of weight or an Imperial fluid ounce.


Abbreviation: mL

A milliliter is a unit of volume equal to 1/1000th of a liter. It is the same as a cubic centimeter.

US fluid ounce to Milliliter Conversion Table

US fluid ounceMilliliter
1 US fluid ounce29.5735 Milliliter
2 US fluid ounce59.147 Milliliter
3 US fluid ounce88.7205 Milliliter
4 US fluid ounce118.294 Milliliter
5 US fluid ounce147.8675 Milliliter
6 US fluid ounce177.441 Milliliter
7 US fluid ounce207.0145 Milliliter
8 US fluid ounce236.588 Milliliter
9 US fluid ounce266.1615 Milliliter
10 US fluid ounce295.735 Milliliter
11 US fluid ounce325.3085 Milliliter
12 US fluid ounce354.882 Milliliter
13 US fluid ounce384.4555 Milliliter
14 US fluid ounce414.029 Milliliter
15 US fluid ounce443.6025 Milliliter
16 US fluid ounce473.176 Milliliter
17 US fluid ounce502.7495 Milliliter
18 US fluid ounce532.323 Milliliter
19 US fluid ounce561.8965 Milliliter
20 US fluid ounce591.47 Milliliter
21 US fluid ounce621.0435 Milliliter
22 US fluid ounce650.617 Milliliter
23 US fluid ounce680.1905 Milliliter
24 US fluid ounce709.764 Milliliter
25 US fluid ounce739.3375 Milliliter
26 US fluid ounce768.911 Milliliter
27 US fluid ounce798.4845 Milliliter
28 US fluid ounce828.058 Milliliter
29 US fluid ounce857.6315 Milliliter
30 US fluid ounce887.205 Milliliter
31 US fluid ounce916.7785 Milliliter
32 US fluid ounce946.352 Milliliter
33 US fluid ounce975.9255 Milliliter
34 US fluid ounce1005.499 Milliliter
35 US fluid ounce1035.0725 Milliliter
36 US fluid ounce1064.646 Milliliter
37 US fluid ounce1094.2195 Milliliter
38 US fluid ounce1123.793 Milliliter
39 US fluid ounce1153.3665 Milliliter
40 US fluid ounce1182.94 Milliliter
41 US fluid ounce1212.5135 Milliliter
42 US fluid ounce1242.087 Milliliter
43 US fluid ounce1271.6605 Milliliter
44 US fluid ounce1301.234 Milliliter
45 US fluid ounce1330.8075 Milliliter
46 US fluid ounce1360.381 Milliliter
47 US fluid ounce1389.9545 Milliliter
48 US fluid ounce1419.528 Milliliter
49 US fluid ounce1449.1015 Milliliter
50 US fluid ounce1478.675 Milliliter