Convert US tablespoon to Milliliter

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How Many Milliliter Are in a US tablespoon?

Multiply the volume by 14.7868

1 US tablespoon14.7868 Milliliter

US tablespoon

Abbreviation: tbsp

A U.S. tablespoon is a unit of volume equal to 1/16th of a U.S. cup. There are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon.


Abbreviation: mL

A milliliter is a unit of volume equal to 1/1000th of a liter. It is the same as a cubic centimeter.

US tablespoon to Milliliter Conversion Table

US tablespoonMilliliter
1 US tablespoon14.7868 Milliliter
2 US tablespoon29.5736 Milliliter
3 US tablespoon44.3604 Milliliter
4 US tablespoon59.1472 Milliliter
5 US tablespoon73.934 Milliliter
6 US tablespoon88.7208 Milliliter
7 US tablespoon103.5076 Milliliter
8 US tablespoon118.2944 Milliliter
9 US tablespoon133.0812 Milliliter
10 US tablespoon147.868 Milliliter
11 US tablespoon162.6548 Milliliter
12 US tablespoon177.4416 Milliliter
13 US tablespoon192.2284 Milliliter
14 US tablespoon207.0152 Milliliter
15 US tablespoon221.802 Milliliter
16 US tablespoon236.5888 Milliliter
17 US tablespoon251.3756 Milliliter
18 US tablespoon266.1624 Milliliter
19 US tablespoon280.9492 Milliliter
20 US tablespoon295.736 Milliliter
21 US tablespoon310.5228 Milliliter
22 US tablespoon325.3096 Milliliter
23 US tablespoon340.0964 Milliliter
24 US tablespoon354.8832 Milliliter
25 US tablespoon369.67 Milliliter
26 US tablespoon384.4568 Milliliter
27 US tablespoon399.2436 Milliliter
28 US tablespoon414.0304 Milliliter
29 US tablespoon428.8172 Milliliter
30 US tablespoon443.604 Milliliter
31 US tablespoon458.3908 Milliliter
32 US tablespoon473.1776 Milliliter
33 US tablespoon487.9644 Milliliter
34 US tablespoon502.7512 Milliliter
35 US tablespoon517.538 Milliliter
36 US tablespoon532.3248 Milliliter
37 US tablespoon547.1116 Milliliter
38 US tablespoon561.8984 Milliliter
39 US tablespoon576.6852 Milliliter
40 US tablespoon591.472 Milliliter
41 US tablespoon606.2588 Milliliter
42 US tablespoon621.0456 Milliliter
43 US tablespoon635.8324 Milliliter
44 US tablespoon650.6192 Milliliter
45 US tablespoon665.406 Milliliter
46 US tablespoon680.1928 Milliliter
47 US tablespoon694.9796 Milliliter
48 US tablespoon709.7664 Milliliter
49 US tablespoon724.5532 Milliliter
50 US tablespoon739.34 Milliliter